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Dynamics 365 Finance

Make strategic financial decisions
with Artificial Intelligence

Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to automate and modernize the financial operations of your company. Furthermore, it helps you monitor performances in real time, forecast future results, and make data-driven decisions to boost business growth.

Make strategic financial decisions with AI

Make strategic decisions faster to boost the growth of your company with Artificial Intelligence. You will be able to improve financial control, have unified global financial reports, perform analysis and understand the current situation of your company in real time.

Unify and automate financial processes

Through the numerous tools and applications of Dynamics 365 Finance you will be able to automate and organize tasks based on priorities, which will help you reduce the probability of failures, save time and increase productivity. In short, Finance offers everything you need to improve the performance of your business.

Reduce operating expenses

Optimize expenses and minimize costs in the different areas in which your company operates by automating processes and other functionalities you’ll find in Dynamics 365 Finance; budget control, financial planning and the respective analysis.

Minimize financial complexity and global risks

Minimizing financial complexity and global risks in your company is essential. In order to do so, there’s nothing more important than adapting quickly to the changes in local and international financial requirements. By addressing these changes you will be able to manage financial operations more easily and with precision.

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Dynamics 365 Finance functionalities

Make strategic financial decisions with AI

One of the main functionalities of Dynamics 365 Finance is the improvement in decision making through artificial intelligence. This is due to the fact that the software contains features that allow you to create detailed reports, analyze data in real time and simplify financial management.
Furthermore, machine learning can help the software learn and make recommendations based on the provided information. This could help you, for example, to get customers to pay on time, which would imply an increase in profits and cash flow.

Unify and automate financial processes

Another of Finance’s objectives is to increase productivity. How can you do this? There are many ways: with role-based spaces, Office 365 integrated and AI to automate and prioritize financial processes.

Additionally, with Office 365 templates and the ability to customize documents, you can adapt all of your reports and invoices based on certain requirements. By unifying and automating the different financial processes, you can have everything you need in one platform, leaving aside the different subscriptions and betting on an automated and scalable billing service that adapts to new standards.

Reduce operating expenses

Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to reduce operating expenses. The reason why its use implies significant savings is that the software is designed so that users can manage a company more efficiently regardless of the geographical area in which it is located.
This is possible because it allows automating financial processes, controlling budgets, improving financial planning, conducting analysis, etc. All of this help companies observe better annual figures.

Reduces financial complexity and global risks

As companies grow, finances become more complex and we begin to take bigger risks. However, there are softwares nowadays that can help you regulate this situation more easily. In order to have your financial complexities under control, you’ll need a chart of accounts with flexible dimensions that allows you to manage the different modifications in a scalable way without having to add custom code.
With Finance it’s possible to access new formats for reports, payments, billing, taxes, etc., which will help you improve the management of your financial situation as well as reduce risks and ensure compliance with regulations. In short, Finance is a professional and advanced software for SMEs and large companies.

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